Working from home

Some productivity tips for working from home

Optimise working remotely from your home office:

Are you new to remote work? Are you leading a team or part of a team involving distributed team members. Discover how to be productive whilst staying connected when working from home or other remote environments such as co-working spaces.

What kind of work can I do from home?
10 Real Work-From-Home Jobs for 2020
* Virtual Assistant. With so many businesses operating mostly, or even completely, online, it’s no wonder that many hire virtual assistants to help keep them organized and complete administrative tasks. …
* Medical Transcriptionist. …
* Translator. …
* Web Developer. …
* Travel Agent. …
* Freelance Writer. …
* Social Media Manager. …
* Data Entry.
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“Working remotely”  

Learn how to effectively work remotely.
Gain tips for adjusting to changes in your work environment.
Explore virtual communication tools for staying connected.”

Can remote work boost productivity? Does remote working improve productivity?
In fact, it’s just the opposite: Research indicates that telecommuting can boost worker productivity. One ground-breaking Stanford study on the subject, which included 16,000 participants, found a marked increase in remote employee output—even for employees who only worked from home a few days a week.

How do you measure productivity of a remote worker?
Here’s how eight different employers measure productivity among their remote workers:
1. Maintain a results-oriented culture. …
2. Set clear goals and deadlines. …
3. Form plans to increase accountability. …
4. Analyze important tasks. …
5. Track progress on priorities. …
6. Have employees track hours and activities.

What is work evaluation?
In the workplace, an evaluation is a tool employers use to review the performance of an employee. … A private conference is often scheduled to discuss the evaluation. The process of an evaluation may include one or more of these things: An assessment on how well the employee is doing.

Do remote workers get paid less?
However, the survey also reveals distressing statistic: Despite all the benefits of remote work for both workers and companies alike, remote workers often earn less than their in-office peers. In fact, in-office workers earn more than remote workers in 11 of 14 professions shown in SimpleTexting’s report.
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The Pros and Cons of Working Remotely
* Increased opportunities for employers to attract talent. …
* Reduced work-related expenses for employees. …
* The ability to work remotely in another city. …
* Reduced stress for employees. …
* Employee isolation. …
* The suspicion of non-productivity. …
* The risk of distraction.
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Is working remotely a good idea?
It turned out that remote work has benefits besides cheaper office rent. While the broad impacts of remote work have yet to be measured across industries and for extended lengths of time, initial studies have found that it can increase productivity and lower employee turnover.
Source: > recode

By giving up the commute, you open up to a world of new opportunities. Be productive on your own terms.

Learn best practices for working remotely. Use today’s cloud-based tools to stay productive, build culture, and work seamlessly with your team—anywhere there is internet

Create a quiet and productive space: this is still work so keep away from distractions.

Essential supplies:

extra monitor
headphones with a mic
comfortable chair and desk

What is remote work?

Have breakfast
Schedule your day
Morning meetings
Plan a lunch break
Change the pace in the afternoon and avoid the social isolation of working alone, by going to work from a cafe or a co-working space. It can be more motivating.
Don’t forget to bring headsets to be able to focus.
Head home. Run errands on the way back home.
Get a nice life work balanced day whilst remaining productive and getting all your work done!

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