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Delegating your new recruits' induction to us!

employee onboarding 2020 vital stats

1 %
more employee retention with good onboarding
1 %
of on boarding is about paperwork and processes
1 %
of companies don't onboard well

We onboard your new Recruits

Why use our Onboarding services?

Fear of recruiting at the moment?

What if we found the right candidate? Then… we trained them up on everyday tasks and work tools? Making sure they were ready to work remotely?

what you take care of

Product knowledge and specific ins and outs of the role can then be taken on by your company. Why? Because of sensitive information, latest company strategies, and core product knowledge – all aspects we can support but not cover entirely. These aspects are key in integrating into the company culture and networking with colleagues.

what we take care of

We have listed the 50 top tools people get trained up on during their on boarding and utilise daily when working across different departments and from home. We can get your future employees and interns trained up on tools and common software used in the workplace. Rather than have an expert in the department dedicate their time and resources, we offer to step in and take on these tasks.

How can we get started?

What we offer to cover is training your recruits on communication channels such as Work Chats or Video Conferencing Software, but also about workflow through Cloud-based drives, Software automation and Productivity tools, as well as setting up a work space at home (camera, microphone etc).

Creating a bespoke training package

Select the aspects you want to delegate to us and we will do your in-house training through our comprehensive and bespoke training modules. 3 times a day to choose from, 2 assignments a day, grading sheet for self-evaluation and Q&A, a carefully thought-out flexible programme which we modulate to your own expectations and needs. Commonly we will run through a dozen pieces of software or tools.

Why us?

This is a collaboration between an expert recruitment firm and an expert e-learning training company


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