Discover the cosmopolitan capital of Spain's Catalonia region and have a wonderful experience abroad
- 6 reasons to live in Barcelona -
Quality and low cost of living

Barcelona is ranked one of the best cities in Europe according to life quality due to its climate, infrastructure, beaches, natural landscapes, cultural life and lower cost of living in comparison to other Europe cities.

Sea and good weather

Barcelona is the only city in Europe with beaches within the city centre and the temperature is ideal, you will rarely experience temperatures below 8 or 9 Cº.

Huge international community

Do you want to make friends from all over the world? Barcelona is the ideal place as it is one of the most diverse cities in Europe. In addition, there are many multilingual job opportunities and at TIA JOBS will find the one that fits you best (Apply for a job now).

Hub of entrepreneurship and innovation Tech

Barcelona has more than 1,100 startups and is the 5th European Startup Hub. Moreover, has the ambition to be the world leader in technology, hosting every year the Mobile World Congress. Some tech giants companies like Amazon, Google, HP and Microsoft have already chosen Barcelona to base their innovation headquarters.

Ideally located

If you want to live further adventures, Barcelona is geographically located just a few hours away from most European capitals. You can visit the rest of Spain or countries such as Portugal, France, North Africa and other parts of Europe!

Transport is never a problem

Barcelona has a very good public transport system and a high quality road network. And if you like cycling, Barcelona is the ideal place for you! In 2019, it was ranked the world’s 13th best cycle-friendly city.

- Why should I live this abroad experience? -

Boost your professional career

Do you want to grow personally and professionally? Living abroad will give you wonderful opportunities and new professional connections. Are you ready to live this wonderful adventure?

More job opportunities

Having an international work experience on your CV gives you an advantage over other candidates and shows motivation, adaptability and determination, three skills that recruiters highly value.

Learn other languages

Did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world? Living in Barcelona is a great opportunity for you to improve your listening and speaking skills. 

Gain a global mindset

Living in another country will allow you to get to know other cultures, ways of thinking and ways of doing. Over time, all of this will open your mind and perspective on life.

- Why should you apply at TIA JOBS? -
For free!

Our goal is to help you find that job opportunity you’ve been looking for and help you grow professionally. It’s totally free, just trust TIA JOBS and we’ll do the rest!

Multiple job opportunities

We work with a variety of companies: Start-ups, SMEs and multinationals. These companies are looking for international candidates who have communication skills in other languages such as German, Dutch, English, French…

You have our support!

Our team of experts will guide you through the whole process to find the work placement that fits what you are looking for. We also help you with all the documentation (NIE, Social Security…) and relocation.

Mentorship program

At TIA JOBS we want you to find the job that suits your interests and strengths, that’s why we hold discovery workshops to get to know you better, simulations of job interviews and coaching and career advisory sessions.

You are not alone

At TIA JOBS there is a large international community with whom you can do activities and discover the city together.

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