IT Architect [Ref: PC006]

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Our goal is to help you find that job opportunity you’ve been looking for and help you grow professionally. It’s totally free, just trust TIA JOBS and we’ll do the rest!

Multiple job opportunities

We work with a variety of companies: Start-ups, SMEs and multinationals. These companies are looking for international candidates who have communication skills in other languages such as German, Dutch, English, French…

You have our support!

Our team of experts will guide you through the whole process to find the work placement that fits what you are looking for. We also help you with all the documentation (NIE, Social Security…) and relocation.

Mentorship program

At TIA JOBS we want you to find the job that suits your interests and strengths, that’s why we hold discovery workshops to get to know you better, simulations of job interviews and coaching and career advisory sessions.

You are not alone

At TIA JOBS there is a large international community with whom you can do activities and discover the city together.


TIA Jobs is a global talent network that matches the job preferences of the candidates with the needs of the companies creating a win-win relationship for both.


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