Frequently Asked Questions

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[cs_faq cs_faq_view="simple" ][faq_item faq_title="Is it possible to have 2 profiles with the same account for those who want to be a candidate and an employer as well?" faq_active="yes" ]

No, having two profiles with same account is not possible. You will have to create different logins for both

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="What if I want to add criteria to my ad that don’t feature in those offered currently?" faq_active="no" ]

If when posting an add, you want other features, please get in touch with

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="When purchasing an advertising package, do you have a trial period? What is your refund policy?" faq_active="no" ]

No, we don’t have a trial period for any of our services. We don’t offer refunds either.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Is it possible for candidates to upload several PDF documents (for example of their diplomas, certificates, and references)? " faq_active="no" ]

No, it is not possible for candidates to upload several pdf documents. However, files can be uploaded to external server and links can be added.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="How can companies “shortlist” a candidate?" faq_active="no" ]

You can shortlist your candidates with the same element you use to create a candidate list.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Can I create more than 1 company with 1 account (employer)?" faq_active="no" ]

The desired functionality is not available in our theme.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Is it possible to search by candidate rather than job?" faq_active="no" ]

No, these options are not available.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Is it possible to export or manage the list of resumes to filter, and send a message? Any solution to export lists by csv?" faq_active="no" ]

No, currently this option is not available to export the lists and send a message.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Can a candidate withdraw his application for a job after applying?" faq_active="no" ]

Right now, this option is not available.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Does the employer automatically receive an email notification when a jobseeker has applied for the job?" faq_active="no" ]

Yes, the employer automatically receives an email notification when a candidate applies for a job. The candidate also receives an email notification in his/her registered email address.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Can candidates upload real .doc / .pdf resumes to their online resume page?" faq_active="no" ]

Yes, candidate can upload their resumes in .doc / .pdf.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="What is the difference between transactions and packages in employer dashboard ?" faq_active="no" ]

Packages are added to make your ads featured whereas transactions are payments for those packages.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="In the Employer dashboard, is multiple resumes selection available or do we have to view resumes one by one?" faq_active="no" ]

You have to go through each and every candidate application one by one as a normal and standard recruitment procedure.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Are there packages for job-seekers?" faq_active="no" ]

No, packages are only available to employers.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Is an email notification sent to the candidate for applying for a job or jobs?" faq_active="no" ]

Yes, an email notification is sent to the candidate for applying for a job or jobs.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Is there a way for the CV bank to only be accessed by employers that have bought a CV package?" faq_active="no" ]

Yes, it is possible. It will allow employers to view CVs and candidate profiles only when they will purchase a CV package.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Is there an opportunity for employers to add a portfolio to their profile?" faq_active="no" ]

Yes, Employers can add their portfolio while maintaining their profile.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Is there an opportunity for employers or candidate to add video to their profile?" faq_active="no" ]

No, there is no such option to upload video on opportunity for employer’s or candidate’s profile.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Is it possible for people to rate and evaluate the Candidates?" faq_active="no" ]

No, we don’t have any rating system integrated  in theme for both candidates and employers.

[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="When a candidate apply for a job, can it be approved by Web Admin before reaching employer?" faq_active="no" ]

No, this will automatically reach to employer.