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What Consultancy packages do we offer?

Workshop Types

We have designed a series of Workshops to accompany your Company throughout a variety of recruitment stages and needs.

Discovery Workshops

1/ Getting to know:
your strengths,
your weaknesses,
your values,
your motivations (TTI/ motivators),
your behavioural tendencies (DISC tool and different profiles). Possible also getting your own DISC profile report with approx 40 pages (at additional cost)
how you could be perceived by others

2/ Different tools: DISC, the big 5, Meyers Briggs

3/ Visualisations of your future

4/ You own Mandala (creative 4 h workshop of self-discovery and creation)

How to find the first internship / job

(4h if interactive workshop for 8-12 people)

1/ how to analyse you – job fit

2/ how to analyse your organisation fit

3/ your media image

4/ how to search for opportunities

5/ how to analyse the job offer and the organisational culture

6/ how to prepare for the interview

7/ what questions to expect and how to answer them

8/ how to respond to tricky questions

9/ how to watch your body language

10/ what to do before and after the interview

Simulations of job interviews

(4h if a group of 6-8 people)

1/ analysis and improvement opportunities

2/ public and self- perception

3/ individual improvement/development plan (additional, after the workshop)

Coaching sessions


career advisory sessions

(individual, can include any of the elements described above)

Mock interviews


Talent Hub and Retention Program

TIA Jobs Business Advisory Consulting Portfolio Graduate program

Short Description:

Development of a company program to attract, hire, train and develop graduates.


In order to fill the talent pipeline with graduates from different fields, we help you build a graduate program. The program will help you to hire talent with the skills needed and integrate them into your company by on-boarding the graduates in a special way and therefore integrating them into the company faster and more efficiently. The graduates will also receive targeted training and job rotation if needed.


The war for talents has reached multiple sectors and it will become even harder to attract and hire the right talent. A dedicated graduate program will help you to attract talent. It also helps you to onboard the newly hired graduates faster and therefore make them more productive. A partly standardised on-boarding and training process helps to inform your employees about existing processes and measures when they start at your company. This increases motivation and a sense of belonging and helps employees to be efficient in their role faster. By making use of the existing knowledge of your employees, you additionally avoid the procurement of expensive external trainings that could have been delivered by your own employees.
By including job rotation into the overall graduate program, you familiarise certain job functions with knowledge of other departments of the company right from the start. For example, a marketing employee gets insights into production and financial planning.


We analyse your needs and especially take note of the talent and hiring needs of your company. According to the size, industry and strategy of your company, we work together with internal stakeholders to develop a graduate program. This program will be tailored to your company, applying use cases from other companies and best practices from the industry.


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